Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You want to know, right?

(As of right now, no one reads this thing, so I'm just talking to my other personality)
Everyone keeps asking me how my meeting went this week.
It's tomorrow.
I don't own a scale, so I have no idea how I've done.
The only thing I've had a hard time with is writing every.single.thing down.
It's rather annoying.
Not that I'm cheating, because I'm not, it just seems like one more task to do.
I haven't been tempted to cheat yet, although it's only the first week.
It's nice to have accountability.
I figure Weight Watchers is like A.A. for fat people, and I will be going the rest of my life.
I'll probably outlive my class which won't take long.
"Hey, that wasn't nice."
They are old.
O.k., so am I.
But not that old.
"At least they have friends in the class..."
You've got a point.
I am working on recruiting though.
Wonder if I can get a star on my bookmark for that.
That's right, I get a bookmark, and stars as incentives.
Jealous much?
I thought so.


Jennifer B. said...

Calamity tipped me off. Good luck tomorrow!!

Heffalump said...

I never knew that Stars are all I am missing in my life!

Sarbear said...

Came over from A waist is a terrible thing... Anyway my husband and I have been doing the Weight Watchers system off the books (no meetings for us, but we are watching our points, shhh don't tell) for about 5 months. So far it has worked as he has lost 30 pounds and me 20. We are currently helping some family and friends doing the same thing. Good luck to you!

Aubrey said...

I came over from calamity...although I've peaked in on your other blog from time to time because you are a riot to read.
Saying good luck with Weight Watchers comes across in writing as a bit hopeless rather than a real cheer for you which is actually what I intend. I love WW. I have lost 2 babies worth of weight with it. (Well, truth be told I still have 10 more to go after the last baby.) But it really works well. So stick with it. There are a lot of us losers out there.

Yvonne said...

Good luck. I hope it went well.

Heidi said...

way to go sista! you're my own "biggest loser" inspiration. maybe it'll rub off on me....but then, maybe not. :) your contagious organizational skills have rubbed off on me, though, so who knows??? Good luck!

Millie said...

My rock!!!

Tarnation said...

Love the heading or banner or whatever you call it. Digging things out of the garbage is not beneath me. On a side note, I just learned that fermented food actually has more nutrients. Who knew?

Lefty said...

Okay. So ever since your post will all the blogs you read I have been trying to figure out how I sound like you. (By the way, that was so flattering because I think you are so very, very funny.) I think it is both the sarcasm and the conversations with your readers? Is it genetic? Both the sarcasm, and let's face it: a little craziness to be having conversations with people who aren't there when you are typing out the post...
Anyway: congrats on the weight watchers thing. I think that is an excellent program (that I'm not willing to join right now) as it teaches you moderation and the plan is something you can do forever. For-ev-er (have you seen The Sandlot?)

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