Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So today...

We did our two mile walk, and 13 minutes of the Bollywood workout.
Oh yes, that's right, we did 4 minutes more than we did the last time.
But I didn't stop there.
Oh no.
I did an additional four hours of weeding.
My hip hurts like an 80 year old.
I'm not even 40 yet.
I'm hoping to make it to 30 pounds by Saturday.
I hate it when people say, "Wish me luck!", because it's kind of bossy.
What if they don't want to wish you luck?
What if they're too busy?
So, how about if I say...
I wish me luck!
Because I need it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

S'mores, Hot Dogs, and Cheetos, OH MY!

As you may know, I recently spent four lovely days in Texas hill country with my friend.
Eating, tubing down the river, eating, talking, tubing, talking, eating, etc.
(In my defense, I did make some good food choices.)

So this morning, as I walked up to the Weight Watchers door this morning, I thought to myself,
"I should have a panic attack and run to my car!"
But I wasn't sure how to have a panic attack, so I opened the door and went in.
She weighed me and said,
I wondered what I should say.
Should I confess right there?
Should I justify my weight gain?
"You lost 1.6 pounds, good job."
"You've done really good so far."
I lost.
Oh yes, I did.
Methinks I should go to Texas every week.
Sounds like a good weight loss plan to me.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

There's so few of you,

I should just text you with the number every week.
Then I wouldn't have to blog about such an insignificant weight loss number.
I'm pretty sure I gained the week before last, after my beach adventure.
Because I exercised to the point of running this week.
At least I didn't gain, right?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We went to do the 2 mile walk this morning (on demand)
Wait, what?
How much did I lose?
I haven't weighed in yet.
I tried to get my two mile walk on, and it wasn't there!
Helloooo, Comcast?
Why are you messing with my walk?
I even have a guest in my home every morning doing it with me, and on the second day she comes over, annnnd...
Just a "family walk".
I would just like to say that "family walking" is faster than a plain two mile walk.
Not only that, but it cuts off the last 10 minutes.
What did we do after our mile and a half?
We did this...

Yes, about 9 minutes of that, to be exact.
I have no idea how they "screw in light-bulbs" for 10 minutes at a time, while simultaneously gliding across the floor.
I bet you wish you could have seen that.
Yeah, no one is allowed to ever see that.
Don't even try peeking in the windows either.
They're draped in saris.