Saturday, August 7, 2010

The blog is aliiiive, with the sound of weight loss.

So I gave up for a month.
My motto has always been, "If I can't do it well, I won't do it at all".
I know, I know.
But I sucked it up, and went back this morning.
I've lost 10.5 lbs in that month.
I didn't totally give up.
I just gave up the going in and stepping on the scale for strangers part.


Heffalump said...

I'm not sure I want to hear the sound of weightloss. Does it involve crying?

Aubrey said...

That's great! Keep up the good work!

Jennifer B. said...

Wahoo! You rock!

Yvonne said...

Way to go. I wish I was nearby so I could hear you singing ; )

Calamity Jane said...

Zzzzzzz. ......


Who dat?

I been sleeping here a waitin and a waitin and


She drops a size....

I hope it was more like fox news, fair and un balanced cause it would be weird to be a bit one sided and lose the eleven pounds on only the left...

You walked into august one size and are steppin out a whole size smaller...a 10 pound bag of potatoes and a pound of butter - vanished!


Klin said...

Woot Woot!!!! It sure feels good. I'd love to hug you and eat salad with you. Iggy's has a divine selection. Just saying.