Friday, January 18, 2013

Yesterday was day two.
Morning shake?
S'all right.
Evening shake?
S'all right.
Lunch shake?
Blended garbage.

Maybe not garbage.

Maybe more like yard work...all blended together.

I choked it down the first day.
The second day, my brain refused.
It said things like,
"You cannot put cucumber and pineapple together!"
 "This tastes like wet lawn clippings and pineapple!"
 "You have to eat this with a spoon! It's too thick!! THIRTY TWO OUNCES!?! You'll never get this all down!"

Alarm bells were going off.
Horns honking.
People running around inside my head, screaming.

I'd throw it back, check how many ounces I was down.
No visible progress.
Half an hour later, I had about half of it left.
16 ounces...
15 ounces...
"I'm not going to keep doing this!!" my brain screamed.
13 ounces...
"THAT'S IT! STOP or you'll puke!

Fine. I'll stop.
But we won't quit.

I went to the kitchen and did this...

 Ate forkfuls of that.

   Tried the strained juice. Still too much texture, so I did this...

   Then I did this...

I got it down.

Today I will blend my pineapple by itself and drink it.
Then I will take my cucumbers, celery, lime, and various other things, blend them and chug them. 

I hope it works.