Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Cheatin' Heart

I cheated this week, and will pay for it tonight, I am sure.
I ate three frosted heart sugar cookies.
I probably could have had one and been fine, but I didn't.
Not only that, I ate sushi.
A little too much sushi.
I should start carrying food in my purse, so the next time I go to Uwajimaya,
I will not feel the urge to buy and eat more than my share.
I must remember that I am one person, and should eat accordingly.
Shame on me.
I shouldn't shame myself here, I should just wait until I weigh in.
I'll step on the scale and say, "I don't know what happened!"
I love it when somebody says that.
Happens almost every week.
Actually, I hope it's not my turn tonight.


As Told By Molly said...

Plead the fifth.

lee woo said...

The Black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness. See the link below for more info.


Nathalie Uy said...

When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, thats when you will be successful.