Friday, February 26, 2010

Too little to see.

Point two.

Yes, that's what I said.

Point two.

Might as well just round it down to zero.
I could make excuses like...
My period should be here today, or my exercise thingy broke,
but I won't.
We'll just accept it and move on.
I didn't even go out to eat this week, sheesh.

I'd better lose at least 5lbs next week.

P.S. I'm probably going private. Send me an e-mail and I'll let you in.
carrotjello 89 at yahoo dot com.


Heidi said...

i'm so sorry. how discouraging it could be to only lose .2 of fat. But hey, you lost .2 of fat! :)
way. to. go!

Klin said...

I want in. You are giving me motivation. Love ya!

As Told By Molly said...

Wait. You wouldn't say round it up to 1 if you gained .2 now would you? So don't round down. Loosing something's better than nothing. You deserve a pat on the back and maybe some Quaker chocolate crunch rice cakes, because they are really amazing.

And thank you for inviting me on your cookie tossing journey. Does this mean it is only a semi-retirement?

Yvonne said...

Those are the times it is really hard, but hang in there you will do better next week. But .2 is still .2 and better than +.2, eh ; )

I look at the sidebar where you are recording your weight loss thus far and you are doing AMAZING.

Tarnation said...

Take it! It's better than up .2 Then you would be up .4 of where you are which is almost up .5 which can be rounded up to one pound. Welcome to my twisted world. :)

Lt. Col. Samantha Carter said...

Hey, it's those .2 weeks that make the 2.2 weeks all the more divine. Keep at it!

FriĆ°rikssonS (and Parents) said...

I would love an invite - I am on a similar path to losing - so any motivation is great! - Plus I love your style!